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Green House of Natural Food Sdn Bhd has been established since 2001 and has always provided customers with high quality, highly trusted natural and organic products.


For example, fresh organic and natural vegetables, whole grains, healthy cooking oil, natural seasoning, plant-based milk, gluten-free products, enzymes, bee products (honey), baby food, kitchenware, back and neck care as well as personal care products, etc.


We also do provide free consultations on nutrition doubts, becoming an one-stop organic shop in Johor Bahru.


Moreover, to accommodate with the changing of generations and the demands of the market, our company has came up with Online Services in order to help customers to get their health products effectively.


At the same time, we will also be updating our Facebook page regularly, providing more information to customers. You may find our faceback page here http://bit.ly/fbghouse  and remember to help us Like and Share our page.


For example, blogs on healthy living and promotions as well as activities we have for you. We will normally organise activities monthly for our customers.


For example, health talks, cooking class, hair scalp checks, spine care, detoxification classes and health checks, etc.


For queries, please email us at sales@greenhouse2u.com or contact us at +6011 5657 3807.






想预知送货服务可联系我们的 客服电话:011-56573807



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