Anybody can Detox
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Anybody can Detox

Toxins is everywhere surrounding us !!!

We live in a world full of toxins and potential toxic exposures.

Where does this toxins come from?



Our body is similar to car.We have to service our car in order to make sure it can be drive in a smooth way. Just imagine if we never service our car for some time, one day maybe the air conditioner in our car might not be function. But, maybe we will overlook of this thing because it consider a small thing for us.But just imagine if one day suddenly the brake inside our car never function. It will be very dangerous because it can cause a big harm to us and our surrounding people.

The same thing apply to our body system. Today, we might ignore the small symptoms that is actually the early sign or warning to our body. When the toxins accumulate too much inside our body, it actually can cause harm to our body.

When these toxins enter our bodies and cannot be detoxified and eliminated, significant symptoms may develop.

Symptoms of toxins inside our body:

1) Difficult to lose weight

2) Headache

3) Aging faster

4) Constipation

5) Skin allergy

Toxins accumulation for many years inside our body may develop severe problems if never treated properly such as:

High blood pressure
Heart disease

Best Solution?

( Healthy eating habit + Lifestyle changes + DETOX)

1) Healthy eating habit

2) Lifestyle changes

Sleep 7-8 hours daily 

Drink 2 to 2.5 litre of water daily


Everyone can start to detox now. When we detox, all the toxins inside our body will cleared off. When the toxins clear, we will feel:

1) More energetic

2) Feel joyful and happy

3) Youthful

4) Help in slimming process


Here come REFUEL, 3 DAYS DETOX PROGRAMME which consist of:

Day 1: PREPARATION DAY (Avoid vigrous activity)

Day 2: FLUSHING DAY (Advised to stay at home)

Day 3: RECOVERY DAY (Stay on light meals)



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