Best Therapy for Hormone Imbalance
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Best Therapy for Hormone Imbalance


HORMONE IMBALANCE  (Endocrine system)

Hormones are chemicals produced by glands in the endocrine system and released into the bloodstream.

An imbalance occurs when there is too much or too little of hormone level in our body

As we know, hormones are important for regulating many different processes in our body which includes:

Appetite and metabolism

Sleep cycles

Reproductive cycles

Sexual function, body temperature and mood.

So, it is not a surprise that even the slightest imbalance may have a noticeable effect on our overall health and wellbeing.


When does hormone levels naturally fluctuate?

It occurs in various life stages, most noticeably during puberty and in women during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and the menopause


Hormone imbalance are more common and noticeable during Menopause stage.

The menopause is when a woman stops having periods and is no longer able to get pregnant naturally.

The menopause is a natural part of ageing that usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, as a woman's oestrogen levels decline. 

But around 1 in 100 women experience the menopause before 40 years of age (premature menopause)


Symptoms of Menopause


Menopause also may lead to mood swing.Mood swing refer to the rapid changes in mood. This term refer to the minor daily mood changes or to significant mood changes as seen with mood disorders such as major depression.



There also soma Natural herbs which could help you feel better

But, the amount of nutrients in natural herbs is lower and it will only make a slight improvement in your body. 


Better solution?

To see more effective result, you can add nutritional therapy which is high in antioxidant together with natural herbs.

Antioxidants are important to our body because it are substances that may protect your cells against free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food or when you are exposed to smoke or radiation.

Here come a power pack of berries, ELIGNA made from:

HMR Lignan

Grape seed extract v

Vitamin C

It is not only help to support hormone balance but it also help to maintain smooth and healthy looking skin.

It is Switzerland based formulation.

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