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Introduction to Homie

Homie Fishery was founded by a fisherman’s daughter from a humble fishing village located at east coast of Malaysia. She wish to let more people know the benefit of fish directly caught from the sea because it is local safe and non-toxic wild seafood.  Homie have a good variety of seafood in Malaysia and nothing is as fresh as seafood coming from local fishing village directly to your doorstep.

There is only one main objective for Homie is to promote local chemical-free wild seafood.

Fishermen and Struggle

The behind scene Hero is Fishermen. They work very hard in order to bring right food for our society. Although there are many high paid job but they feel satisfied and real in this job because of the fresh air that can be breathe every morning when open the window and they can see the beautiful blue sky when walk out the door .

Even before the sun rises and warms the sea, there are men already at work, braving the elements. .Fishermen will go deep sea fishing in large boats stocked with food and water to help them survive 10 days at sea.
The quantity and type of fish they get is depends on their luck. There are days when they are blessed with plenty, but on other days they return with empty-handed.

What is so special about Homie?

► 100% zeo chemical pollution
► Appraised by Homie's eperienced housewives team for handling, packaging and quick freezing
►Fish are from east coast peninsula ( South China Sea )


Types of Homie Fish

Whole Fish

White Pomfret
White pomfret are famous for its delicate white flesh with subtle non-fishy flavor. It is best served by steaming to retain most of its freshness.

Black Pomfret
Homie superior standard black pomfrets are good for both fried and steam. The tenderness of its flesh makes it one of Homie best sellers.

Grouper is great to grill, bake, steam, broil or fry. Thanks to its subtle flavor that easily absorbs dressings and marinades, grouper is excellent however you serve it.

Flounder is a mild-tasting fish with a slightly sweet undertone. Its texture is delicate and fine with low levels of oiliness and moisture. It is Homie top choice to make sweet and sour fish.

Selar Bentong
It’s also commonly known as Bentong. It is recommend to steam it as a whole to taste the pure freshness and sweetness.

Threadfins are very popular amongst toddlers and elderly due to its refined texture and high nutrition values. Some confinement recipes specify the use of threadfin bones to aid in recovery.

In cantonese, it is refer to as "kai-yook-yee" as the firm meat textured taste like chicken drumsticks. It is easy to eat as it does not have small bones and is perfect choice for fish soup.


Fish Fillet

Mackerel Fillet 
Simply defrost and leave them in a pan with some oil with medium heat. You will have it ready to serve in 15 minutes.It is a great choice for busy mom.

Boneless Mackerel Slices 
Boneless steak is perfect for family with young children. Great in both pan-seared or slice it for fish porridge.

Ribbon Fish Steak 
The most common way is to shallow-fry it to a crisp, so that the thin edges can be crunched up while the flesh inside remains sweet and tender. Best serve with cili padi.



Wild Deep Sea Prawn
Homie signature wild deep sea prawn offers bouncy and crunchy texture which is very much different from farmed prawn. They are also 100% chemical-free and antibiotic free.

Peeled Prawn (M) 
Homie also offer peeled wild deep sea prawn. They have cleaned up the gut and all you need to do is defrost and add them into your dish.

Peeled Prawn (S) 
The best-selling product of all time. Defrost and add it into your fried rice,noodles,veggie and your dish will be elevated immediately. Not only that, nothing can go wrong with combination of egg and prawn.



Squid Ring 
Squid meat is firm and chewy with mild sweetness. Ring cut is convenient for making fried Calamari or stir-fry squid dish. Try Homie 100% natural squid and you will redefine sotong.

Oval Squid Slices 
It is mutually agreed that oval squid is best taste when sliced. Its texture is different from squid ring and is more on bounciness and crunchiness side.


Dry goods

Boneless Dried Anchovies 
Homie removed the head, bone and guts for your convenience.Our dried anchovies are dehydrated in a machine so you don’t need to worry about the hygiene of the process.

Dried Shrimp 
Dried shrimp has a salty, umami taste that can lift the flavour of all kinds of savoury dishes. Homie locally produced shelled dried shrimp are fresh ingredients without preservatives so you should store them in the freezer.



Try Homie's scallop with ease in mind as they are 100% natural, not even water added. And yes, scallops are the one of the most counterfeit food in the market.

Yellow Tailed Fish Paste 
Homie yellow tailed fish paste is scraped off from the yellow tailed fish bones and skin.
No additives or preservatives added. 
No Salt and MSG is added.
It can be use to make your homemade fishball or create your own Niang-Dou-Fu.




Different types of Homie Fish Recipe