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(A small trip that will always remain as a wonderful memories)


The History of KF Farm 

Ms Christine Kuok, the owner of the KF farm.


About KF Farm
关于KF 农场

KF Wholesale Sdn Bhd (KF) is the leading supplier of premium quality vegetables in Johor Bahru’s food service & retail industry. It was founded in the year 2015 and having its operation outlet in Suppliers' Mart ( S'MART) Johor Bahru.

With the advantage synergy with S'MART fresh outlet and S'MART anchor tenant, Midas Mart, KF is ever ready to provide one stop supply solution to the industry.

KF Farm has its own storage warehouse with the capacity to facilitate the effective distribution of fresh vegetables with full temperature control. This comprehensive facility warehouse serves as a distribution centre, administration office and pre-packaging facility. 


KF is a farm that is organically grown with natural premium quality

Why do we choose KF vegetables?
为什么选择 KF 蔬菜

  • There are variety choices of vegetables and it is directly imported from the farm.
  • Top Grade Freshness
  • The prices are reasonable and the vegetables are direct from the farm
  • Certified by the Earth Tag Organic Standards by Tse - Xin Certification Corporation (TOC ) Taiwan


The story begins.... 故事开始。。。。

It was a fine sunny day where we decided to go for a small trip to KF Farm. The farm is around 40 minutes journey from Ulu Tiram. After we reach the gathering place, we were given a warm welcome by KF staff and we were brought inside the farm with a jeep. It was a wonderful experience as we can feel the nature, clean air and we also saw monkeys as we drive into the farm. It took around 15 to 20 minutes before we reach KF farm.

KF has its very own farm that comprises 70 acres of land tucked away 25km from the urban city of Johor Bahru.


Steps to plant vegetable:

► ( Nursery )

1) Prepare the soil and plant the seed

Sow seeds with peat moss



2) After 7 days, the seed begin to sprout


Keep surface of seedling tray moist


3) Water the plant everyday and allow it to grow for another 7 days


⇒ A healthy seedling accounts for half of growing success. Applying the right input at right time is crucial and this g'farm method provide MS minerals before transplanting


All vegetables are sown in nursery house under close observation condition and only strongest will be moved to planting bed


► ( Green House )

4) Planting


Transplant seedling gently into planting bed

KF Farm is using the g'farm system which is from the Korean-based agricultural farming system ( 系统是来自韩国的农业系统 ) to ensure fresh, hygienic and organically planted vegetables .

Cover the seedling with net after transplanting in Green House. These double layer netting help to prevent insect, disease and heavy rain pour


KF planting distance 8"x 8" between plant as compare to conventional farming of 4" x 4" is provided twice the spacing for plants to grow. Wider space help for better nutrients to reach to every plant, better air circulation in reduce disease grow and plants get full energy from the sun.


This system will produce a delicious taste of vegetables by using the natural minerals such as Zeolite in the farming process and it is also rich in other nutrients and minerals such as calcium and potassium. All the vegetables are also free from herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and genetically modified organism (GMOs). KF farm does not use animal dung as input materials.


5) Maintenance and Harvest

Water only when vegetables show wilt symptoms

  SilySol is a highly purified, 100% water-soluble liquid silicate formulation with essential minerals for use on fruits, vegetables and field crops.
 It is non-toxic to mammals and environmentally friendly.


Increases flowering, fruit setting and yield
Keep leaves strong and erect by optimizing photosynthesis efficiency 

Reduces disease and prevents insect pest damage
Enhances post-harvest freshness


♦ Jinsaeng is based on natural glycine betaine which occurs naturally in many organisms including several plants


Improves crop performance 

Avoids transplanting shock

Prevents early flower dropping

Maximizes fruit retention  

Prevents fruit cracking  

Enhances post-harvest freshness  


⇒Harvest and turn the soil after harvesting


The average process time for a plant to grow is 60 days ( 1 and half month).  Sometimes the bad weather, such as heavy rain and summer heat may affect the total average process


By using the g'farm method, KF plants are grown with stronger and healthier roots that reaches deep below the soil to absorb the minerals and water. The roots are generally longer than the conventional farmed plants

Comparison of farming methods


1) Conventional farming  常规农业
   Chemicals dependent to achieve lower production cost and instant profit.

2) g'farm.system ( KF method ) 
    g'farm 系统(KF方法)

( New paradigm based on technology and social benefit. Long lasting profitability )

3) Organic farming  有机耕作
Based on some scientific theory

4) Traditional farming  传统耕作
Experience- obtained wisdom



Some of the fresh vegetables that we saw on the day:




Currently, KF FARM is also planting Organic Microgreen plants.

Microgreen are young vegetable greens that are approximately 1-3 inches (2.5- 7.5 cm) tall. They have an aromatic flavor and concentrated nutrient content  and come in a variety of color and textures.


目前,KF农场也正在种植 有机微绿植物

微绿是年幼的蔬菜绿,他们大概有1-3寸(2.5-7.5公分)的高度。他们有着 芳香风味和浓缩营养成分 也有各式各样的颜色和质地。


KF Farm's Microgreens KF 

KF Farm is currently growing Organic Microgreens from 5 different types of seeds

Red Amaranth 红苋菜籽
Mustard ( Hong Kong Choy Sum) 芥末 (香港菜心)
Sunflower 向日葵
Radish 白萝卜
Beetroot 甜菜根


How to include Microgreens in Diet?

Microgreens can be incorporated into a variety of dishes, including sandwiches, wraps and salads.

Microgreens may also be blended into smoothies or juice. Wheat grass juice is a popular example of a juice Microgreens. Another option is to use them as garnish on pizzas, soups, omelet, curries and other warm dishes.




GREENHOUSE is selling a variety of fresh vegetables from KF which is safe to consume by all ages of people.



Some vegetables include : 







The most popular vegetables are:






Some examples of dishes by using our vegetables:


You can either stir fry or make it a soup with any of your other favorite ingredients.




The details of the vegetables delivery are as below:

Delivery day: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

We are also currently providing HOME DELIVERY SERVICE to help you lessen your burden.






For more information, do feel free to contact us at our Customer Service: +6011 5657 3807