Non toxic Skin and Hair Moisturizer oil
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Non toxic Skin and Hair Moisturizer oil

Nearly 100% of us know well about coconut oil. It has been traditionally used in cooking method.

As it is solid at room temperature, it can be used in baking recipes, for frying, for greasing baking pans and as a replacement for butter or vegetable oil in recipes.

Coconut oil is very suitable for cooking with high temperature method such as fried foods.

The smoke point of coconut oil is higher which is 230° c ++, while for sunflower oil is only 107° c ++

Some health benefits of coconut oil:

Help in weight loss
Boost digestion
Prevent heart disease and high blood pressure
Improve memory and brain function




椰子油的冒烟点大约 230 ·c ++ ,葵花油冒烟点是107·c++.



But how many of you actually know that coconut oil can be use as skin and hair moisturizer?


Yes, it is an effective and natural moisturizer that can help you to make your skin look more younger, brighter and glowing.



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⇒ Special feature of the moisturizer on skin and hair :

It can be applied on our skin and hair with its perfect blend of coconut oil as bases and premium grade essential oils, Cymbopogon Citratus


它可直接涂抹在我们的皮肤和头发上,因为使用高品质的椰子油为基底油和高品质的纯精油 如:Cymbopogon Citratus ,等其它纯精油.



♦ SKIN  ( 皮肤 )

It is good for moisturizing our skin. Not only that, when you’re outdoors, you can use coconut oil on your skin because it can act as a sunscreen, protecting you from the harmful overexposure to sunlight. 

If you love massages, coconut oil is an excellent massage oil. It is an effective moisturizes to all skin types especially dry skin.
Because coconut oil is natural, it can be used on people with sensitive skin and will not cause any adverse side effects.

yesThe best part is it does not stay oily on your skin.

椰子油有效的滋润我们的皮肤. 不仅如此,户外可使用它为防晒作用,它可保护您免受过度暴露于阳光下,而照成皮肤损伤的伤害.


yes特点:它不会照成皮肤呈现油腻 ,容易吸收.


♦ HAIR  ( 头发 )

Help in moisturize your hair scalp and skin itself. It also works well as a hair serum and able to protect against hair damage too.

帮助保湿头皮和皮肤. 可用于毛发精华,防止头发的受损.


⇒ What is so SPECIAL about this KOKONUT skin and hair moisturizer?


1) Saturated fat  ( 饱和脂肪 )

This saturated fat will help to retains its moisture content of the skin, as the fats eliminate moisture through the pores on the skin.
This will make the skin to look healthy and radiant and reduce the appearance of the pores.


2) Capric or Lauric acid  (癸酸或月桂酸 )

Strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties.They are easily broken down and absorbed making it as major boost to your energy levels. This powerful acid also have been linked to weight loss and management.


3) Vitamin E  ( 维生素E )

High in antioxidant and it is essential for healthy skin growth, repair of wear and tear on the skin, keeping the skin smooth and protecting against cracking.Most importantly it will prevents premature aging and wrinkling of the skin.



⇒ There are 5 different flavors of coconut oil available:


Lavender  薰衣草
Tea tree  茶树
Peppermint  薄荷
Lemon grass  柠檬草
Ginger   生姜

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⇒ Additional benefit :

Multi- purpose in just one small bottle (1瓶多用)

It is easy and convenient to be carry anywhere. It will make your skin to always look more nourished and pleasant.

In addition, it is also cleverly formulated to meet all your beauty necessities and it is one of  your best travel companion.

It is a multi-tasking skincare that helps you from head to toe and suitable for your entire family!






Testimony 见证

Result speak louder than words

KOKONUT oil also help to heal black scar at your hand. It can occur mostly during cooking period where the hot oil can spill at your hand.

Let us teach you simple way to help you dissapear from the scar.


It is also safe to use by children because it is completely natural and chemical free.

If you are bitten by mosquito you can apply a little to help relieve itchiness.






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