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Personal Care
Personal Care
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Specially selected organic green tea polyphenol extraction, rich in catachins and anti-oxidant Jie Shu restore dry hair to health, suppleness and flexibility.

Treatment contains very fine active plant keratin – deep moisturized hair in light weight texture.


O'CARE Love Caffeine Hair Treatment contains Caffeine that increase your circulation to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, also effective on scalp oil control.You will see the significant improvement after several washes escpecially for soft and fine hair. Hair root becomes more strong, clean and solid in the scalp. 97% Organic & Natural Ingredients SLS & SLES Free

  • Silicone free
  • 86% natural ingredients
  • Main ingredients from lime & lavender extract
  • Fortifies and preserve hair color
  • Making hair beautiful shine
  • Made in Taiwan

Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and European Ecocert Certified Oragnic ingredients have excellent anti-bacterial properties, effectively prevent dandruff, itchy scalp, leaving your scalp and hair healthy, fresh and comfortable after each wash.

Also help to prevents hair loss, itchiness and oily hair.


O'CARE Love Repair Hair Shampoo (Ideal for damage hair) Repairing, Deep Moisturiing & Converges Hair


96% Organic & Natural Ingredients SLS & SLES Free


Organic certification wolfberry extract and the European expert certified organic foaming ingredients provide balanced cleansing, more volume and easy to manage hair.

Besides, it’s known to make your hair light-weight, flexible and abundance.


For dry – normal skin 適合乾性 – 正常肌膚


This light and velvety cream is perfect for sensitive and devitalized skin. Its unique formula contains a high percentage of CM-Glucan, used for decades in the pharmaceutical world for its ability to stimulate the cell renewal process and the skin’s defense mechanism. Its firming and wrinkle reducing properties make it an ideal ingredient to target skin that shows signs of premature aging.



CM-Glucan, Rice starch, Vitamin C & E.
有效成份:酵母葡聚多醣體、大米澱粉、維生素 C 與 E

No color, fragrance, preservatives or animal derivatives. Dermatologist tested.
Application:Morning and night, apply on the face and neck after using a Skincode serum. Avoid contact with the eyes.
没有颜色,香味,防腐剂或动物衍生物。 皮肤科医生测试过。
使用方法:早晚使用Skincode精华液涂于面部和颈部。 避免接触眼睛。


For dry – normal – dehydrated skin 適合乾性 – 正常 – 缺水肌膚


Intensive care for hardworking hands 双手护理

Developed by skincare experts to deliver intensive care for hardworking hands. This nourishing cream intantly absorbs to replenish natural moisture levels, for long-lasting hydration and comfort.

由护肤专家开发,为勤劳的双手提供重症监护。 这款滋养霜立即吸收,补充天然水分,持久保湿,舒适。



Deeply moisturizing lip balm


Developed by skincare experts to deliver long-lasting hydration and relief to dry lips. This deeply moisturizing balm
replenishes natural moisture levels while soothing and comforting. For healthy, happy, perfectly soft lips.



For all skin types 適合所有肌膚類型

This light and silky gel-cream prepares and primes even the most sensitive skin, giving a smooth perfect canvas effect. It is enriched with a soft focus technology, to combat imper­fections and help to even out the complexion. It feels light on application and glides on to the face easily to hydrate and soothe.



CM-Glucan, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Natural moisturizing wrinkle filler.
有效成份:酵母Beta-葡聚醣、透明質酸,乳酸。維生素 C、自然保濕皺紋修復乳

No color, fragrance, preservatives or animal derivatives. Dermatologist tested.
Application:Every morning, after moisturizing apply over the entire face, avoid the delicate eye area and allow to absorb before applying make-up.

Dyed Hair 适合染色的头发


Total Protective Repair- repairs the surface of enamel, protecting against plaque, tartar and cavities