TERRA FARM -VEGGIE BOX(Pre-Order) 和平农场菜箱(预订)
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TERRA FARM -VEGGIE BOX(Pre-Order) 和平农场菜箱(预订)


Terra Farm is a farm that uses the biodynamic agriculture, which is similar to the organic farming method.

和平农场采用 活力农耕,是有机农耕法. 

What is Biodynamic ?

Biodynamic is a holistic, ecological and ethnic approach of farming, gardening and food nutrition. It is an ultimate method that follow the ecological system naturally to encounter the degradation and saltation of the soil structure.


In addition to that, it will also be able to improve the health of plants and animals. It will allow the plants to grow to its full potential in vitality, resulting to the most beautiful and healthy food. The taste of the food is fresher, nourishing and satisfying to eat.




Our special packages


We are selling Terra Farm Biodynamic Veggie Box, a box that consists of 6 to 7 types of vegetables inside.


The veggie box contains a selection of vegetables including pea shoots, spinach, green beans, broccoli, carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. But you cannot pick the types of vegetables you prefer in the box because it is different every week and the types of vegetables available will follow according to the season.


The best part is what you get in the box may turn into a surprise, but what is not surprising is the price.

The veggie boxes are sold at a great value and it comes in 3 different size:

  • S    (2kg )    = RM38
  • M   (3.5kg)  = RM58
  • L    (5 kg)    = RM76


Some examples of Veggie Boxes:

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